Feast of Light

I love a good food festival and the Conwy Feast is no exception. It takes over the whole town and whilst there are paying arenas, you can enjoy it without buying a ticket as there are events and stalls open to everyone, with this year’s best new addition being the Feast of Light at St.Mary and All Saints Church.  On Saturday evening, artist Andy McKeown projected images sourced in the church whilst choirs, harpists and pianists took turns to perform. Also, earlier on in the day, there were  children’s kaleidoscope projection workshops .  I’ve seen Andy’s work before on a much larger scale at various LightNight events in Liverpool but to see it in such an intimate setting, with amazing musical programming, was something special.  Old towns are often built around churches and Conwy, in many ways feels like this but the town has grown up around it and the church is easily overlooked. But with it’s building foundations in the 12th century and events like this and the classical music festival earlier on in the year bringing in new visitors , it’s well worth checking out if you’ve not paid a visit before.






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