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Daft Punk

Written by McNulty Mark

I keep remembering I took some photos years ago of Daft Punk sans headgear and I’ve finally dug them out after being reminded again by all the Grammy madness. ┬áThese were taken at a Heavenly Social gig in Nottingham in 1996 and were originally published in Muzik Magazine. The night, from the little I remember, also featured The Chemical Brothers and Jon Carter and I also remember photographing some bloke dancing with his eyelids inside out. As you do. ┬áThere’s a couple of more to be scanned but the ones that were used in the magazine are probably lost in a folder in IPC Towers somewhere and the best thing about going digital is that you never give away your originals. There’s also more from this night to be scanned and I’m currently working, when I get the chance, on a single complete site that houses my current work, projects, video and archive all under one menu. Watch this space.

Daft Punk


Daft Punk


Heavenly Social


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  • I was at this and remember it being a great night that was had by all…” Open Up” I recall was Long Hair Chemical’s last tune. Would be amazing to see more photos.

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